How can MAOs securely submit PII or PHI so that CMS may research issues?

To securely submit Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Personal Health Information (PHI), use the following steps:

  1. Contact the MAPD Help Desk at 1-800-927-8069 and request a Service NOW (SNOW) Case number be generated for the purpose of submitting a password protected file.
  2. Email the password protected file containing the sample data to the MAPD Help Desk ( 
  3. IMPORTANT: Include the SNOW Case number in the ‘Subject’ line to enable the Help Desk to pair your email with the SNOW Case.
  4. NOTE: In accordance with CMS’ Security Policy, the password for encrypted PII/PHI data cannot be emailed to the MAPD Help Desk. Please call the MAPD Help Desk with the password.
  5. Email the or the mailbox with the SNOW Case number and question without the PII/PHI. Please do not submit PII/PHI unless CMS requests you provide specific examples.

Source: User Group Webinar on June 20, 2019

Last Updated: 06/20/2019