Prescription Drug Program (Part D)

This page provides valuable CMS guidance, materials and information for the successful electronic submission of prescription drug event data.

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2014 Part D Webinar (08/19/2014) Job Aid – Manufacturer Dispute Reason Codes2011 PDE Job Aids2014 Part D Webinar (06/10/2014) Slide Presentations – Overview of DIR Reporting Requirements, P2P Reconciliation, and Reconciliation Exclusion ProcessPDE Accounting Report2019 Annual PDE Data Submission Timeline 2012 PDE Regional TA Slide PresentationsInstructions: Requirements for Submitting Prescription Drug Event Data2014 Part D Webinar (08/19/2014) Slide Presentations – Invoicing & Outlier Process and Dispute Resolution2012 Enrollment Job AidsPayable Report2012 Enrollment Regional TA MaterialsDDPS Cumulative Beneficiary Summary Report PACEDDPS and PRS SSNRI Updates - May 02, 2017Medicare Part D Sponsor WebinarPRS Reconciliation Results Reports to Plans (effective October 14, 2018)NDC Subcategory Codes2012 PDE Regional TA Job Aids2011 PDE Participant GuideDDPS Cumulative Beneficiary Summary Report Non-PACEPRS Reconciliation Results Reports to Plans2011 PDE Slide Presentations2020 Annual PDE Data Submission TimelineWhat are CMS frequency requirements for submitting data?Changes to Monthly Reports Record LayoutsPDE Counting Rules (Excluding PACE Plans)Report Naming Conventions2014 Part D Webinar (08/19/2014) Job Aid – Outlier Process FlowPRS Input Reports to PlansPDE Return/Outbound File Layout2013 PDE Reporting and Calculations GuidancePart D Payment Reconciliation ReportPRS Inputs Reports to Plans (effective October 14, 2018)Explanation of Sample P2P ReportsPDE Inbound File LayoutCoordination of Benefits2012 Enrollment Regional TA Resource GuideReceivable ReportMedicare Advantage Prescription Help Desk2014 Part D Webinar (08/19/2014) Job Aid – Dispute Process Flow2011 Reconciliation WorkbookOn the PDE record, the amount fields allow for a sign character ( or -). What PDE fields can allow a negative amount?PDE Counting Memo (Excludes PACE Plans)DDPS Transaction Error Summary Report2014 Part D Webinar (06/10/2014) Job Aid – Steps for Submitting Record of P2P Reconciliation Payments and Attestation of P2P Data2014 PDE Reporting and Calculations Guidance2014 Part D Webinar (06/10/2014) Job Aid – Steps for Submitting DIR Report for Payment ReconciliationPRS Summary Reports2021 Annual PDE Data Submission Timeline2020 PDE Monthly Report Distribution StatusPDE Calculation and Reporting Computer Based Training (Text Only)2022 Annual PDE Data Submission Timeline2021 PDE Monthly Report Distribution StatusPDE Outbound File Layout Effective 03/04/2022PDE Inbound File Layout Effective 03/04/2022Potential Exclusion Warning and Exclusion from Reconciliation ReportsPDE Outbound File Layout Effective 10/24/2022PDE Inbound File Layout Effective 10/24/20222022 PDE Monthly Report Distribution StatusDDPS Edit LookupPDFS Edit Lookup2023 PDE Monthly Report Distribution StatusOther TrOOP Amount Indicator Summary Report LayoutPDE Inbound File Layout 2023PDE Outbound File Layout 20232023 Annual PDE Data Submission Timeline2024 Annual PDE Data Submission TimelineDDPS Edit Spreadsheet Effective 01/01/2024PDFS Response Report Layout2023 PDE Monthly Report Distribution StatusPDE Inbound File Layout Effective 01/01/2024PDE Outbound File Layout Effective 01/01/2024PDE Outbound File Layout Effective 01/01/2025PDE Inbound File Layout Effective 01/01/2025IRA Subsidy PDE Detail Report 45 LayoutIRA Subsidy Reconciliation Inputs Report 48 LayoutIRA Subsidy PDE Detail Response Report 47 LayoutIRA Subsidy Reconciliation Results Report 49 LayoutIRA Subsidy PDE Detail Response Report 46 LayoutKey Changes to Medicare Part D in 2025: An Overview for PACE Organizations April 16, 2024PDE Inbound File Layout Effective 05132024PDE Outbound File Layout Effective 05132024DDPS Edit Spreadsheet Effective 05132024PACE User Group Slides - May 22, 2024IRASA Edit Spreadsheet DDPS Edit Spreadsheet Effective 070120242024 PDE Monthly Report Distribution Status