TIBCO Update - FTP Users Only

Due to the upcoming transition to the TIBCO software, there will be changes in the delivery and file name structure for all X12 reports and NCPDP Validation report for FTP users. File submissions and report returns will occur via port 22 in the TIBCO mailbox.  The file name structure for the NCPDP Validation report will be as highlighted:


Example:  SH9999.20180217.T142313.67709.1.NCPDP_VALIDATION.RPT

The file name structures for all X12 reports and the date of transition is forthcoming.  CMS will provide updates as they become available.

In the event you have questions, please contact CSSC Operations at 1-877-534-2772 (option 2) or by email at CSSCOperations@palmettogba.com.

Last Updated: 03/07/2018