Encounter Data Processing System Maintenance

Starting November 6,  2022 the Encounter Data Processing System (EDPS) will begin maintenance activities that will last for approximately three (3) days. During the maintenance period CMS’s Encounter Data Front End System (EDFES) will continue to accept and process submitted encounter data and transmit TA1, 277CA and 999 reports to submitters. However, the back end, EDPS will hold the encounter data files in a pending status.


As a result, encounter data transaction reports generated by the EDPS (MAO-001 and MAO-002) will not be produced. CMS anticipates that processing of the backlogged reports will November 9, 2022 or as soon as the maintenance is completed.  Return of MAO-001 and MAO-002 reports will be on a rolling basis based on first in first out. CMS will notify plans when processing has restarted and the backlog is fully processed.


Last Updated: 11/04/2022