Encounter Data Files - Delimiters

The ASC X12 Technical Report (TR3) states that delimiters are specified in the interchange header segment, ISA. Once specified in the interchange header, the delimiters are not to be used in a data element value elsewhere in the interchange.

Palmetto recommends the use of the following delimiters in all outbound transactions. Note that these characters will not be used in data elements within an ISA/IEA Interchange Envelope:

Palmetto GBA Delimiters

Delimiter Character Used Dec Value Hex Value
Data Element Separator * 42 2A
Repition Separator ^ 94 5E
Component Element Separator > 62 3E
Segment Terminator ~ 126 7E

In the event you have questions, please contact CSSC Operations at 1-877-534-2772 (option 2), or by email at csscoperations@palmettogba.com.

Last Updated: 09/13/2019