RAPS and PDE Submitter Login Validation – SFTP Submitters Only

Effective February 18, 2020, Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) submitters will receive a response report when the login credentials entered are invalid. The purpose of this report is to alert submitters that their Login ID is inconsistent with the Submitter ID being used.          

The report will be returned with the following message:                           

Login ID [ENHXXXX] does not match Submitter ID [SHXXXX]      

The SFTP Naming Convention for this report will be: INVCCYYMMDDHHMMSSSSS.INV        

In the event you have questions, please contact CSSC Operations at 1-877-534-2772 (option 2), or by email at csscoperations@palmettogba.com

Last Updated: 02/13/2020