Prescription Drug Event (PDE) Processing

In our efforts to reduce the backlog of Prescription Drug Event (PDE) files that can occur after CMS places PDE processing within the Drug Data Processing System on hold for the month of July, CMS will continue PDE processing during the month of July. Please note PDE reject edit code 792 has been created that will reject any PDEs with dates of service within a benefit year that is presently being reconciled. The edit began Saturday, July 1, 2017 and will reject any PDEs submitted with dates of service in benefit year 2016. Notification will be distributed when benefit year 2016 PDEs may be resubmitted. In order to prevent receiving this rejection, it is suggested that 2016 PDE submissions be placed on hold for the month of July. For additional information regarding this process, please refer to the HPMS memo dated April 21, 2015 [Subject: May 2015 Updates to the Drug Data Processing System].

In the event you have questions, please contact CSSC Operations at 1-877-534-2772 (option 2) or by email at

Last Updated: 07/07/2017