CMS Risk Adjustment Email Accounts Upgrade

CMS is sending this notification to inform MAOs that the Risk Adjustment Operations ( and the Risk Adjustment Policy ( mailboxes are being upgraded within the next week.

As a result of the upgrade, inquirers who send questions to Risk Adjustment Operations or Risk Adjustment Policy will receive auto-generated, no-response confirmation emails from ‘’. This email will provide an inquiry number to use when communicating with CMS regarding your inquiry. Since some security systems are set up to send such emails to a ‘junk/spam’ folder, CMS is requesting that you add ‘’ to your contacts to ensure that your confirmation email will not be misdirected.

The ‘’ email is an automated, no-response mailbox and will not being monitored.

Please continue to  send your operational questions related to risk adjustment, such as data submission, processing, and reporting.  Also, please continue to send your policy questions related to risk adjustment, such as risk score calculation, diagnoses to be included in risk scores, and schedules for model runs.

Last Updated: 07/09/2021