Job Aids

Model Output Report User Guide999 – Functional Group Acknowledgement ReportEncounter Data Front End System (EDFES) – Post-Screen Invalid ReportEncounter Data Front End System (EDFES) – Pre-Screen Validation ReportHealth Plan Management System (HPMS) Reports – Data Exchange ReportsHealth Plan Management System (HPMS) Reports – Encounter Data Report CardsHealth Plan Management System (HPMS) Reports – Submission Performance ReportsMAO-001 – Encounter Data Duplicates ReportMAO-002 – Encounter Data Processing Status ReportMAO-004 – Encounter Data Diagnosis Eligible for Risk AdjustmentModel Output Report (MOR) PDF and Model Output Data FileRisk Adjustment Processing System (RAPS) – Cumulative Plan Activity ReportNew Enrollee Job AidHow To Void and Replace EDRHow To Void and Replace CRRTA1 – Interchange Acknowledgement ReportRisk Adjustment Processing System (RAPS) – Transaction Summary ReportRisk Adjustment Processing System (RAPS) – Return FileRisk Adjustment Processing System (RAPS) – Monthly Plan Activity ReportRisk Adjustment Processing System (RAPS) – Error Frequency ReportsRisk Adjustment Processing System (RAPS) – Transaction Error ReportRisk Adjustment Processing System (RAPS) – Duplicate Diagnosis Cluster ReportFront-End Risk Adjustment System (FERAS) – Response Report277CA – Combined Common Edits and Enhancements Module (CCEM) Transaction Set Edits Acknowledgement ReportAvoiding Common Encounter Data System EditsMAO-002 – Encounter Data Processing Status ReportMAO-004 User GuideEncounter Data Overpayment Scenarios